Logo Development and Ethos

Logo Design
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The logo has been developed to specifically portray the key values of the Academy Trust. These values include collaboration, positive attitude, attainment for all, enrichment of students’ lives and close links to the local communities.

These values coupled with the historic connections of the Templer name, links to the Newton Abbot community and its surrounding area (and all the visual elements that this brings to the design process), have provided the inspiration for the final outcome.

The Templers of Stover House outside Newton Abbot built the Stover Canal during the ‘canal mania’ of the early Industrial Revolution in order to transport the rapidly expanding production of Bovey Basin ball clays to Teignmouth for their onward journey by sea and canal to the Potteries in Staffordshire and elsewhere. That was in 1790. Subsequently, in 1820, the Templers built the Haytor Granite Tramway. This was constructed to transport granite from Haytor to the head of the Stover Canal for onward shipment to London where it was used on many famous buildings such as the National Gallery and British Museum. The Canal and Tramway now form the route of the Templer Way.

These sources have been the inspiration in determining the final design. The ‘T’ shape comes from the T of Templer developed from a historic typeface dating back to the Templer era.

The Apex used at the top of the logo originates from the front façade of the British Museum. This has been used to exaggerate the historical connection and focus the mind on the overall importance of the local area. These elements have been linked with the original idea of using the mainline of the letter ‘T’ to represent the Templer Way itself. This now looks like a tenuous connection however, an important one, as this was the cornerstone of the original and final outcome.

The final element of the logo is the surrounding and protecting symmetrical hexagon; this symbolizing the element of togetherness and security.

The outcome is a powerful, sophisticated and elegant symbol that links the past and present day by further communicating the key vision and values of those involved and linked to the Templer Academy Schools Trust.