TAST Member Schools

During their time at Christow School, children will become confident, inquiring and imaginative problem solvers, who explore without fear of failure and have a love of learning. Our school will recognise and nurture the talent in each individual child, ensuring that every child can learn in a safe and happy atmosphere.

We will provide a challenging, compelling and expressive environment where staff are able to be flexible to take advantage of circumstances and ensure progress of children. Our teachers will have passion and enthusiasm to engage with children at all levels, with the time to recognise individual needs. We will ensure that no child is overlooked – searching for their talents and encouraging confidence.

From Early Years to the end of Key Stage 2 we will focus on the key curriculum areas of English and mathematics whilst allowing continuous development of the humanities, creative arts, science and technology to embed skills in communication, literacy and numeracy. Learning will be planned within integrated themes wherever possible.

We will ensure good communications with parents and are determined that our drive for outstanding results will not damage the community ethos of the school.

Coombeshead Academy is a high achieving 11-18 comprehensive school with approximately 1000 students. We pride ourselves on providing a breadth of experience for students and high quality teaching in a calm positive working environment which is focused on learning and development at all times. The focus is on high expectations and progress.

Coombeshead is more than just a school. Every young person has a value and a talent and it is the job of those in education to develop this. At Coombeshead Academy, children come first.

The values of cooperation, tolerance and courtesy underpin all aspects of school life at Coombeshead. We ensure that students feel happy, safe and valued; equipped to enter the world of further education, or employment, with the qualifications and life skills to be active, global citizens of the future. Learning, achievement, respect and enjoyment are at the heart of all we do based around our five core principles of positive attitude; achievement; community; enrichment and endeavour.

Rydon School is a large primary school serving part of the growing town of Kingsteignton. The school covers the full primary age range from 5 to 11 years when the children begin secondary education.

Rydon’s Mission Statement reflects our school’s ethos and values. It is a place of high expectations, where everyone connected to the school is positively encouraged to do their best and where achievement is constantly recognised, appreciated and rewarded. Rydon is a place to learn and where equal opportunity and fairness are paramount in our educational beliefs. Excellent teaching leads to a love of learning.

Also, our aim is to be recognised as an inclusive school, a place where all members of our community can thrive regardless of race, religion, culture, gender or individual need.

At Teign we believe it is our attention to students as individuals which ensures they leave as successful and confident young adults.

With high expectations, staff put student progress and achievement at the heart of all they do. We are confident in supporting all students by removing their barriers to learning to achieve these goals. Outstanding examination results have reaffirmed the school’s standing in its local community.

We are proud of the comprehensive nature of the community we serve. To achieve our aims, we work in partnership with parents, schools, businesses, continuing to develop the widest range of opportunities for all our students.

Combining these elements means that Teign School is not only a successful, but also a happy place to be from which students leave as literate, numerate, active citizens of the future.

The schools that belong to the Templer Academy Schools’ Trust are passionate about the value

  • we aim to provide outstanding educational opportunities, teaching and pastoral care for young people from 0 to 19 in our community
  • we want our young people to work to the best of their ability; to raise their aspirations and enjoy learning
  • our aim is to develop collaborative, creative and imaginative students who realise their individual potential and leave school at 18 successful, confident and responsible, well prepared for further education and fulfilling adult lives

How do you achieve outstanding schools with outstanding outcomes for our children?

  1. Engage in school to school support: research shows that schools working in partnership provide a faster, deeper and more sustainable model for improving performance. These partnerships need to be properly structured and led. The opportunities for collaboration and benefits of working together are endless.
  2. Improve the quality of teaching and learning: joint CPD, standard lesson and progress observations, sharing of staff across schools, development of best practice systems to develop further; working across phase for best practice in pedagogy and systems;
  3. Develop high-quality leadership: working together to share expertise and ideas, having a shared vision for all young people in TAST schools whilst allowing leaders the autonomy to run their schools within a framework of accountability.

Schools belong to the Templer Academy Schools’ Trust because they believe in the value of education for all children, not just those in their school and that:

  • by combining resources we can make savings, financially, which can be ploughed back into education of the young people we serve. The role of the leadership of all four schools is to ensure that every student makes progress in their learning and has a range of enrichment opportunities; we are working together for all students, parents and staff
  • by sharing expertise we can improve teaching and learning provision and thus outcomes for the young people we serve. Every member of staff who works at Rydon Primary, Christow Primary, Teign School or Coombeshead Academy is employed by TAST
  • by working together we can share best practice and implement change more rapidly for the young people we serve.

As one organisation we present a strong voice locally and nationally.